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Artifact ID: e77c9be39930ba1f8f06af2e862c33723eef3209
Page Name:pisc-web-ide
Date: 2017-03-21 19:50:19
Original User: yumaikas
Parent: d565ffee65c16dfad61d1227dfffa841fa9e369b

PISC Web IDE-lite plans

I'd like to build a lightweight PISC IDE that can be be rolled into a PISC interpreter and used for (intially) developing IRC bots, and then later for Slack/Discord.

This brings to the forefront some other ideas I've had around PISC: Some version of table support in BoltDB, some sort of logging, a nifty little interface for something like this.

Currently thinking of a two-pane editor a la Sublime Text

One pane shows things that can be viewed, the other shows a viewer for the current thing.

Things that can be viewed are all either in BoltDB, or behind an Asset() function. Viewers are go functions associated with a data-type that take a key that is then fed into either Asset() or BoltDB (or another data store), and render the results as HTML to a viewer. Another thing would be tree generators for each data-type.