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Artifact ID: 8bf92dc07515f2513b40449331ba7ad7fa642283
Page Name:Long-Term Plans
Date: 2017-03-21 19:47:06
Original User: yumaikas
Parent: 8065532ed76cd23b454fc672213d7745004670ab

Long term, there are a couple places that I'd like to us PISC. The first is as a scripting language in the vein of Python or Ruby. That has been the focus of PISC so far, and will continue until I have more time to sink into the next stage of PISC. For now, I want to get PISC a bit more stable by creating a set of tests, and refining the standard library.

The second planned use for PISC is as a chatbot scripting language, sitting in the middle of a hardened and abuse protected IRC chatbot, with plans to add other connectors, such as Slack and Discord, later. This use case would be as follows: