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Artifact ID: 414733bc66a18818399080aeb9ebb346a89e065b
Page Name:todo
Date: 2017-07-05 15:30:49
Original User: yumaikas
Parent: 128736d256efea645be495b8a6af37e1ab941395



Vector utilites

Look into adding vector shuffling words like the ones used in Jelly.

Error handling


Borrow Lua's pattern matching syntax

This will be simpler to implement, and will be easier to fit into the eventual opcode budgeting that I'd like to do in the future.

On Hold: Regex handlings


Strings and Parsing


IRC framework integration

Figure out a way to tie PISC into an IRC framework to make it easier to build a chat-bot server that can be scripted by PISC down the line.

(Note: IRCKit is a start here)

Some kind of lite IDE in the browser

I have some ideas around creating a IDE-lite dev enviroment for PISC that can be sandboxed and exposed to the internet for use in developing IRC bots

While it's not for IRC bots, the playground is a start on a PISC IDE-lite.

Termbox bindings

If PISC is going to be used for console applications, binding to something like https://github.com/nsf/termbox-go could be very useful.