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SHA1 Hash:1d300b2164ad4931d4375758ad98fc8f1d432c10
Date: 2018-07-20 04:45:42
User: yumaikas
Comment:Switched all of the way over to having stack effects
Tags And Properties
[2139f1e990] Add support for: - Documentation comments (Any of a number of comments at the beginning of a word definition) - Parse comments in function/word bodies so they require less work to execute in the hot loop - Help module now has show-docs, and iterate-help-info, intended for later expansion into a documentation generation system, and/or into a means of writing wrapper code automagically - Fixed some loopy stuffs (user: yumaikas, tags: trunk)
[1d300b2164] Switched all of the way over to having stack effects (user: yumaikas, tags: trunk)
[8ee927a942] Removed main.go (user: yumaikas, tags: trunk)
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Changes to cmd/FinalFrontier/bindata.go.

Changes to cmd/FinalFrontier/build.sh.

Changes to cmd/FinalFrontier/finalFrontier.go.

Changes to cmd/FinalFrontier/init_posix.go.

Changes to cmd/FinalFrontier/init_windows.go.

Changes to cmd/FinalFrontier/scripts/main.pisc.

Changes to cmd/FinalFrontier/scripts/term_posix.pisc.

Changes to cmd/FinalFrontier/scripts/term_win.pisc.

Changes to cmd/playground/browser.go.

Changes to lexer.go.

Changes to libs/boltdb/boltdb.go.

Changes to libs/http/httpClient.go.

Changes to libs/shell/shell.go.